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High-Frequency Trading: Michael Lewis interview on The Motley Fool

03 Apr

Morgan Housel at The Motley Fool interviewed Michael Lewis author of Flash Boys, Liar’s Poker, Money Ball, and the Big Short on how his books have shaped the general perception of the financial industry. Readers will recall that Michael Lewis’ most recent book Flash Boys created quite a stir wherein he detailed how markets are […]

Intraday Targets: Consolidation then big move?

02 Apr

Earlier this week we presented a webinar hosted by NinjaTrader where we discussed the anticipated next stage of the market. Attendees will recall that our favored scenario for the Emini NASDAQ 100 futures was a period of balance (consolidation) before the next big move. The first balance area set-up during the webinar (first red arrow), […]

Differentiating spoof orders from real orders

01 Apr

At 3:54pm EST and as NQ price action approached a critical level in a prolonged period of consolidation, the following bid and ask orders were visible on the DOM. The resting liquidity on all price levels looked pedestrian expect for  the 784 contracts on offer at 4300 (see black arrow in the picture below).   […]